Our Story

Question Lead was founded in 2018 after struggling with CRM systems and not finding time to prepare and evaluate activities with customers.

Questions back and forward

We found that being well prepared and properly evaluating activities with customers is the most effective way to achieve success in sales.

It just takes too much time … What if you could have a digital and intelligent tool with a knowledge base that enabled your team to be aligned?

A cognitive business development framework

We started developing and validating our cognitive business development framework with small and medium-sized enterprises to help them explore and understand the needs of their customers.

The framework takes you through innovative thinking processes before and after activities with customers, which will enable you and your team to build a knowledge base around their needs.

It is designed to structure and automate your customer activities on a day-to-day basis and we have already proven its success through helping our partners increase their sales.

The team behind

Mikkel Wessel Nielsen is the founder of Question Lead and is experienced from working with sales and business development in one of the leading Information and Communication Technology companies.

Hans Dybdal Jessen is a co-founder of Question Lead and is experienced from working in an entry-level position with project governance and business development in a global finance department.

Company information

Question Lead IVS is registered in Denmark under VAT number 40063706.

Our company address is Peter Fabers Gade 40, 2.th., 2200 Copenhagen N.

You are welcome to contact us on hello@questionlead.com